If you want to speak fluent English and not to be ashamed talking to locals when you are abroad, we can help!

The chain of foreign language schools «Big Ben Int.» has been teaching English in Tula since 1999, that’s why we know a lot of how to overcome the language barrier!

Why should you join us?

You are getting active knowledge, which will help you to communicate freely and fluently different languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or French. Besides,

  • you are offered a live education without cramming or monotonous lectures

  • our language school introduces the corporate educational programs with the aim of improving a professional level of managers and specialists

  • our school prepares children and adults for prestigious Cambridge examinations

  • you are getting a great opportunity to discover Intellectual Tourism, its aim is to go to another country and to indulge into a foreign language environment

  • we provide English courses for all needs- group general courses, one-to-one tuition and education via the internet

If you would like to get everything to be confident in a foreign language environment- join our «Big Ben Int. Language School» and our team of real professionals will make your dream come true!



  • English Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Director General of Network of Language Schools "Big Ben Int."

    Higher Education: Tula State Pedagogical University of L.N.Tolstoy , Faculty of Foreign Languages (English and German)

    Additional professional education: The Presidential program on Management Training (Tula State University)

    2004 г. - training in the United States, Florida under the program «Business for Russia»

    2005 г. – Management courses, Moscow State University, Japan centre, Moscow

    2006 год - training in India, Delhi under the program «Womens enterpreneurship”

    2009  – studing in International Language Academy of Canada, Toronto

    2014 г. –  Oxord International Training Knowledge Seminar, Moscow 

    Participation in the training of Michael Beng, Radislav Gandapas, Igor Mann, Alexander Friedmann, Ilya Kusakina and others.

  • Assistant Director General
  • Customer Service Manager
  • English teacher and methodist

  • English Teacher

     Foreign language learning - is not just a fad, but the process of obtaining knowledge that is vitally important in today's society.

    Over the past half century has greatly increased the role of the English language as a indicator of success and education of the person.

    English will give you the freedom to choose a quality education and a career, residence, easy communication with 300 million people on our planet who has already spoken English.

  • English Teacher
  • German Teacher
  • Italian Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • English and French Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • English teacher
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