Предлагаем Вам пройти on-line тестирование, которое поможет определить уровень владения английским языком.

1. What’s name?
2. Every day she goes school.
3. His character’s kind and honest.
4. a big family?
5. Mary often travel by train.
6. Our friends in that hotel last evening.
7. What they buy?
8. What speaking about?
9. When to leave Moscow for London?
10. seen you for ages
11. "Seiko" watches in Japan.
12. What when you saw her?
13. If the work early, we’ll go for a walk.
14. What letter since you came from Paris?
15. Cars made in Japan for many years
16. My wife live in England
17. If I money, I would travel round the world.
18. She was very in our meeting.
19. You wear a tie to the interview, if you don’t like it.
20. Gary come round tonight
21. is good for your health.
22. If we so early, we would have missed the train
23. We living in the same house for twelve years before we decided to move.
24. I wish it raining
25. They their exams by the time you return home.
26. This picture created in the 17th century
27. What a surprise him there!
28. I down the street, when a car stopped next to me.
29. is played by many people.
30. He left early miss the bus
31. She told him harder
32. She this sort of tone.
33. She didn’t attend the seminar last Monday. I wish she .
34. I couldn’t go to the cinema with you yesterday. I to repair my car .
35. Would you sending this fax?
36. My little sister has gone to London. I wonder how she .
37. Would you your car please?
38. Tom was the data, while Sara was writing it down.
39. The secret and she got to know everything about the crime.
40. This boy gets his parents much trouble! He doesn`t well with them.